The Apple Appstore and Google Playstore guidelines require Zenoti to share a demo account with their internal reviewers while uploading apps on their platforms. Read detailed guidelines here.

Important: Zenoti has no control over the app review processes by Apple or Google.

Reviewers may create appointments in your live environment as part of testing. Ideally, these appointments must be deleted by the reviewers. However, this is not always the case. Many times, reviewers from Appstore and Playstore may forget to delete such appointments from your live environment. This results in confusion for your front-desk staff – as some of the appointments are not genuine.

To try and reduce this confusion and to make the process smooth and simple for both, the internal reviewers and you, Zenoti will create demo accounts in your database with the following details:

These accounts will only be used by the Appstore or Playstore reviewers. Moreover, we will share the following guidelines with the Appstore and Playstore:

  • To create appointments at least a week in future.

  • To delete the appointments once their testing is completed

Note: The reviewer is not bound to follow these guidelines.

The use of the demo accounts will ensure that:

  • Your front-desk staff can see that an appointment is booked by the Apple/ Google reviewers. It will appear on the Appointment Book with the user details as mentioned above.

  • If the appointment is not deleted by the reviewers, the front-desk staff must delete it to avoid any confusion around appointments booked.

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