Deep linking is the practice of linking specific pages of a website to a specific screen inside a web or mobile app.

Deep linking helps users to efficiently access specific content they're looking for. It also improves a website's relevance in search engine results by connecting keyword-rich hyperlinks on a website.

With deep linking, businesses can make it easier for the guests to access and book services, buy products, and purchase memberships and packages. You can deep link every service, membership, and package listed in your website to the corresponding page in your Webstore. They can complete the booking or purchase in the Webstore. Deep linking ensures that the guest need not go through the service itinerary again in the Webstore before selecting the desired service. This ensures that their booking experience is seamless. In this way deep linking is an efficient method to reduce churn in booking a service.


The prerequisites for deep linking your website with your Webstore are:

  1. Website: Your business must have a website that lists all your services. (The deep linking is done to the services on your website)

  2. Admin Access: You must have the admin access to your website. This will allow you to add the deep links on your site.

With your Webstore, you can deep link the following:

Important: The text for the deep link format is case-sensitive. Your format of the URL should match the case of the text mentioned in the articles listed above.


Katie (a guest), visits your website to know more about your services. While going through the services, she decides to book a service. She takes the following steps to book a service:

  1. Katie scrolls through all your services and she is interested in the service Loose Highlighted Waves with Messy Finish.

  2. She clicks Book Now button for this service.
    Katie is redirected to your Webstore. The Webstore opens.

  3. The service Loose Highlighted Waves with Messy Finish is automatically selected and Katie only has to select a date and time to book the appointment.

  4. Katie selects an appropriate date and time and clicks Book Now.
    The booking confirmation page appears, and Katie has successfully booked the service.

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