To print a stylist's or provider's schedule:

1. At the organization level, click the Employee icon.

2. Navigate to Employees > Schedule.

Important: If your center has fewer than 50 employees, Zenoti loads all the employees by default.

If your center has more than 50 employees, you must first filter your employees based on Center (say, This Center), Job (say, Therapist), and Role (say, Stylist) to view a list of employees.

​After you select from the filters, you can view a list of employees who match your criteria. See panel highlighted 1 in the following screenshot.

3. Click Month to go to the month view.
See button highlighted 2 in the following screenshot.
4. Click the Print icon to print the schedule for the stylist.

See icon highlighted 3 in the following screenshot.

​Sample printout

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