You can configure commissions for employees at different levels in Zenoti.

You can configure commissions at three levels:

  • Item* level
    (*Item is a common term to mean services, products, memberships, packages, free services, and gift cards.)

  • Employee level

  • Job level

See the graphic below for reference.

Item level configuration takes precedence: At all times, item-level configuration takes precedence. This means, if you have commissions configured at all three levels (item, employee, and job level), Zenoti considers the configurations at the item level only and ignores configurations at the other levels.

Since items (services, products, memberships, packages, free services, and gift cards) are configured at the organization level, these settings/configurations apply to all centers.

Note: Item-level commissions are not supported for series-scheduled packages. So, payments cannot be scheduled when the Commission Type is Flat amount or Percentage of revenue.

Watch this video to understand how to configure item-level commissions.

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