You can verify the following to find out why the referral discount is not working:

Important: Note that the referral discounts are applied as coupon codes.

  • Referral Code
    You can check if you are using the correct referral code. Go to the referrer guest profile, under the General tab, scroll down until you can see Referral Code.

  • Referee
    Verify that the referee who wants to redeem the code is a first time guest.

  • Referral Source & Awards
    - Verify that the referral source has promotions turned on. Go to Admin > Categories > Referrals and open the referral source.

- Also, verify that the correct discount or gift card is selected for the referrer and the referee.

  • Discount
    Go to the discount set up, and verify that the discount is set up properly. For example, if the correct services are set.
    Verify that the settings are accurate such as a single invoice or as a single item, and do not forget to choose the correct services for which you want the discount to be applicable.

  • Award
    Verify that the referral discount or gift card was applied. You can do this on Referral History, Coupon History, and on Gift Card History.

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