An email discount campaign involves sending out the discount that you have created to a targeted set of customers in an email. As an example, let’s see how we can go about creating the email campaign to reach out to guests who have not visited you in a while.

To create an email discount campaign

​1. Based on your role, at the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Email/Text Message.​

2. Click Add Scheduled Campaign.

3. Start by entering the campaign name. For example, Welcome Back.​

The name that you enter in this field appears in POS for the front desk to apply the discount. ​

4. Enter the campaign code in case your business has online booking enabled, and if you want to give your guests a promo code that they can apply during check-out on CMA or Webstore. For example, WBS10P15.

5. Enter an optional description (a campaign targeting lost guests that provides 10% off on services and 15% off on products). ​

6. Expand the Communication channel section and as we are creating an email campaign, and leave the Email Message option unchanged.

7. Expand the Campaign type section and select the campaign type as Discount.​

​8. In the additional options that appear, select the discount. For this example, select the 10% discount on services and 15% discount on products.​​

9. To restrict the number of times the campaign can be used by a guest, enter a number in the Maximum number of times this campaign can be applied on a guest.
If you enter 1, a guest can use the discount from the campaign only once. If you leave this option blank, the guest can use the campaign any number of times.​

10. To specify any pre-requisites such as date of the appointment, validity of the campaign, and the minimum or maximum spend on the invoice., enter the details under Prerequisite for applying the campaign in POS.

11. Expand the Select the recipients section to select the eligibile guests who will receive the email. Based on your role, the centers you can select vary.​

The campaign will be sent only to the eligible recipients of the centers you have selected. ​

12. Select the desired target segment. As we are creating a campaign to reach out to guests who have not visited for a while, select the lost guest target segment. ​

13. Select the desired options to specify if the front desk can apply the campaign to all guests, or only the guests who received the campaign, or any guest who is in the target segment. ​

Note: To view the number of guests who will receive this campaign, click Count.

​14. To limit the campaign to online bookings, select the Limit to online and mobile bookings option.​

15. Expand the Create the content section to create content using the editor, or use and edit one of the pre-defined templates, or import an HTML code.​

​ In this example, let’s use a themed template. When you select a template, the template loads in the email editor.​

​16. Make changes to the template in the editor, such as replace or add images and links, or personalize content by editing the text. ​Learn more about the email editor.

17. When you are done, you can preview the content or send a test email.​

​18. Expand the Save and publish section and click Send now to set the campaign live right away.

The discount campaign is sent successfully.

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