You can use the social content block to add social media icons to your email.

You can add the social content block wherever you find it suitable: in the menu, middle of the email, or you can choose to go with the popular option of placing the social media icons in the footer.

To add a social media block

Example: Add a social block to the footer.​

1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Email/Text Message.
The Email/Text Message Campaigns page appears. ​

2. Open the campaign for editing.

3. Expand the Create the content section.
The options in the editor appear.

4. Drag and drop the Social block on the footer structure.​
By default, you will see four icons. You can customize the social content block to display only the platforms you use.​

​5. To customize the social block, click the social content block. In the left, you will see the settings.​

6. (Optional) Delete any of the social media icons that you do not use.​

7. To add a new social media icon, and select the social media, chat, or other options as needed.

For example, you can select mail, and configure it with your email address.​

You can add links for the other social icons.

8. Use the more option to add a title and alt text.​

9. Finally, when you are done, for these icons, you can set style, alignment, size, padding, and indents for these icons.​

10. When you are done, you can preview the changes.

11. If you want to save this block for future use, you can save it as a module.​​

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