Videos make it easy for viewers the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time. So, campaigns that contain videos tend to be quite successful.

To add a video to an email campaign

Note: The video you add using the video block opens in the browser. If you want the video to play within the email, you must embed the video using the HTML block.​

  1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Email/Text Message.​
    The Email/Text Message Campaigns page appears.

2. Open the campaign for editing.

3. Expand the Create the content section.
The options in the editor appear.

4. Drag and drop the video block into the container.​

5. Click the video block.
To the left, the options to customize and add link appear.​

6. For Link to video, add a link to the video.
For example,

The Alternate text automatically populates. You can change it if needed.​

Also, the thumbnail is automatically generated. You can change it if needed.​

7. Select a play button, specify alignment on desktop and mobile, and specify if the video should be responsive based on the device it is viewed: mobile or desktop.

8. Click the eye button to preview the changes.​

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