Buttons are a great way to draw attention to a link that you want users to click.

For example, you can add a button that takes users to your online store.​

To add a button to an email

  1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Email/Text Message.​
    The Email/Text Message Campaigns page appears.

2. Open the campaign for editing.

3. Expand the Create the content section.
The options in the editor appear.

4. Drag and drop a button block into the container.​

5. Click the button to customize. ​
In the left, options to customize and add link appears.​

6. Add a link to the site, or select other options as needed.​

7. Enter the text to appear on the button.
For example, Book Now!

8. Customize the button text font, type, size, and color.​

The values set here are usually as per your global settings in your Appearance tab.​

9. If you want to show a hover effect on your button, go to the Appearance tab and turn on the Highlight hovered buttons switch, and specify a hover-on color.​

10. If you prefer to round the buttons, set a border radius.​

11. Choose alignment and set a button border if you like.​

12. If you want to leave space inside your button, use internal padding and use external padding to leave space outside the button.​

13. When you are done, click the eye button to preview the changes.

14. If you want to save this block for future use, you can save it as a module.​

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