An invoice discount applies a discount on the overall invoice amount. ​

To create an invoice discount​

​1. Based on your role and access, from the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon. Go to Offers > Discounts.​
The Manage discounts page appears.

2. Click Add Discount.​
The Create New Discount page appears.

3. Enter the name for the discount and optionally a description​.

4. For Multiple campaigns can be applied on, select None.
So, if the front desk applies this discount, they cannot apply any other discount on the invoice.​

4. As we want to provide discount on the invoice, for Discount, leave the discount at Invoice level unchanged.

5. From the drop-down under Invoice level, select Percentage enter 10 in the box.​

6. Click Next. ​
The fields in the Services tab appear.

7. As we want to provide a discount on all services, from the Select Type drop-down, select Category.

8. Click Add.

9. Click Next.​

The fields in the Product tab appear.​

10. As we want to provide discount on all products, from the Select Type drop-down select Category.

11. Click Add.

12. Click Finish.​

​ The invoice discount is created.​

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