To create a service and product discount

Example: Create a discount that provides 10% off on all services and 15% off on all products​.

  1. Based on your role and access, at the organization or center level, click the Marketing icon and navigate to Offers > Discounts.​

2. Click Add Discount.​
The Create New Discount page appears.

3. Enter the name for the discount and optionally a description​.

4. For Multiple campaigns can be applied on, select Single Invoice. ​

5. For Discount, select the Item level option.

6. As we want to provide discounts only on services and products, under Item level, select Define discount for each selected service and Define discount for each selected product.

7. Click Next. ​

The fields in the Services tab appear.​

8. As we want to provide a discount on all services, from the Select Type drop-down, select Category.

9. In the Discount box enter 10%. ​

Note: If you do not add % after the number, Zenoti assumes that you wish to give a cash discount of an amount you entered in the field. ​

10. Click Add.​

​ The service discount is added.

11. Click Next​.
The fields in the Product tab appear.

​12. As we want to provide discount on all products, from the Select Type drop-down select Category.

13. In the Discount box, enter 15%. ​

14. Click Add.​

​ The product discount is added.

15. Click Finish​.

​ The discount is created.

Note that the discount status shows as Not In Use. To make this discount active, you must assign this discount to a campaign.​

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