Medical Spas or Medi-Spas are a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. Most of the services in medi-spas require medical procedures and require guests to take mandatory consultation services. Such consultations are termed as prerequisite services.

Zenoti allows you to create such prerequisite services and attach them to the main services. This ensures prerequisites are met before the main service. Learn more


Brian (guest) wants to book an Anti-Acne Treatment for herself. The service requires a Consultation as a prerequisite that evaluates the present skin condition, skin type, and ongoing treatments if any.

In our scenario, your business wants to make sure that Brian first books this Consultation service as a prerequisite to the main service (Anti-Acne Treatment). This means when the front-desk tries to book Brian for the Anti-Acne Treatment, Booking Wizard will automatically prompt the front-desk staff to book the consultation first (as it is a prerequisite). Only after Brian has completed the Consultation (and the invoice for this appointment is closed) can he then book the main service (Anti-Acne Treatment).

To book a service with a prerequisite

  1. The front-desk staff tries to book the main service (in our example, Anti-Acne Treatment).

2. Booking Wizard alerts the front-desk staff that there is a prerequisite service attached to this service. Front-desk staff must first book the prerequisite to proceed.

3. Front-desk staff is forced to click Book Prerequisite Service.
Important: This results in a booking for the prerequisite and not for the main service.

Points to Note

  • Booking Wizard shows this message because during setup, the checkbox, Enforce prerequisite for this service, is selected. In this case, Booking Wizard will create separate invoices for the prerequisite (Consultation) and the main service (Anti-Acne Treatment).

  • Guests can book the main service only after the invoice for the prerequisite service is closed (that is, only after the guest pays the full amount and the front-desk staff closes the invoice). This means that the main service will have a separate invoice (on a later date).
    Tip: If during setup, the checkbox, Allow prerequisites to be booked with the service was selected, Booking Wizard books the main service (Anti-Acne) and the prerequisite (Consultation) in the same invoice.

4. In this example, Provider preference is Any.
If there is any Provider preference, Booking Wizard shows the available slots based on the preferred provider’s availability.

5. The front-desk staff selects the appropriate slot and clicks Review and Book.

6. The front-desk staff reviews the details and clicks Book.

7. Note that the appointment booked in this case is for the prerequisite service.

Once the guest completes the prerequisite appointment, pays the amount in full for the prerequisite, and the invoice is closed, the guest can book the main service (Anti-Acne treatment) within the validity period defined for the prerequisite.

For example, assume the prerequisite has Validity defined as 10 days. The guest took the prerequisite service on 1 Aug. What this means is that the guest must book the main service within 10 days (that’s between 2 Aug and 11 Aug), for the prerequisite to be valid.

Points to Consider

If you use the Advance mode of Booking Wizard, you have the added advantage of choosing the start time for each of the services (prerequisites and main service).

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