Medical Spas or Medi-Spas are a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. Many services in medi-spas require medical procedures to be carried out, which are usually performed by professional doctors.

These services often require guests to take mandatory consultation services, for example, to determine if the guests are allergic to certain procedures or whether the guests have any pre-existing conditions. In Zenoti, such consultations are termed as prerequisite services.

For example, a service such as “Facial Fillers and Botox Injections” will require a basic consultation (prerequisite) to determine the skin type, composition of facial muscles, and existing facial irregularities. This will give clarity to the service providers as to how many botox injections are needed and which parts of the face require such injections.

Zenoti allows you to create such prerequisite services and attach them to the main services. This ensures prerequisites are met before the main service.


Brenda (guest) wants to book an Anti-Acne Treatment for herself. The service requires a Consultation as a prerequisite that evaluates the present skin condition, skin type, and ongoing treatments, if any.

In our scenario, your business wants to make sure that Brenda first books this Consultation service as a prerequisite to the main service (Anti-Acne Treatment). This means when the front-desk tries to book Brenda for the Anti-Acne Treatment, Booking Wizard will automatically prompt the front-desk staff to book the consultation first (as it is a prerequisite). Only after Brenda has completed the Consultation (and the invoice for this appointment is closed) can she then book the main service (Anti-Acne Treatment).

Note: The way your business sets this up can vary. In some cases, the settings can be configured so that the prerequisite can be taken in the same invoice as the main service.

How to set this up?

As an administrator, you should have configured the main service - Anti-Acne Treatment with the following details.

For the service Anti-Acne Treatment the checkbox, Enforce prerequisites for this service, must be selected (General tab> Service Prerequisites section).

You should have also configured the prerequisite service - Consultation on the Anti-Acne Treatment service as follows:

Specify the consultation service as the prerequisite for Anti-Acne Treatment (in the service properties page of Anti-Acne Treatment, go to Prerequisites tab > Search for the prerequisite service > Click Add.

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Points to Consider

As a business, you must decide whether to:

  • Allow main service and prerequisites to be in the same invoice: If this is the case, you must select the checkbox Allow prerequisites to be booked with the service in the service properties page of the main service (General tab).

  • Force the guest to first book the prerequisite (pay the full amount) and only then book the main service: In this case, the main service and the prerequisites are in separate invoices. You must select the checkbox, Enforce prerequisite for this service, in the service properties page of the main service (General tab).

Let us take a look at the steps the front-desk staff takes to book this service for Brenda using the Booking Wizard. See the steps

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