Medical Spas or Medi-Spas are a hybrid between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic. Most of the services in medi-spas require medical procedures to be carried out which are usually performed by professional doctors.

These services also require guests to take mandatory consultation services that determine if the guests are allergic to certain procedures or whether the guests have any pre-existing conditions. Such consultations are termed as prerequisite services.

For example, a service such as “Facial Fillers and Botox Injections” will require a basic consultation (prerequisite) to determine the skin type, composition of facial muscles, and existing facial irregularities. This will give clarity to the service providers as to how many botox injections are needed and which parts of the face require such injections.

Zenoti allows you to create such prerequisite services and attach them to the main services. This will ensure prerequisites are met before the main service.

Before you Begin

You must have an existing prerequisite service to add it to the main service. Creating a prerequisite service is the same as creating a service in Zenoti.

Learn how to create a service.

To configure service prerequisites

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Services >

  3. Select the desired service.

  4. Go to the Prerequisites tab.

5. Configure the following fields:

  • Service: Enter the name of the prerequisite service to find and add to the main service.

  • Order: Enter the order of the prerequisite. This is helpful if there are multiple prerequisite services that have to be taken in a sequence. Enter the number 1 for the first prerequisite and so on.

  • Validity Days: Enter the number of days for which the prerequisite service is valid.

6. To attach the prerequisite service to the main service, click Add.

7. Click the General tab.

8. Locate the Service Prerequisites section.

9. Configure the following:

  • Enforce Prerequisites for this Service: Select this checkbox to enforce a prerequisite service while booking the main service. This means that the guests cannot book a main service without booking the prerequisite.

  • Allow Prerequisites to be Booked with the Service: Select this checkbox to allow the guests to book the prerequisite and the main service together. If you do not select this checkbox, your guests should first book a prerequisite service and then book the main service separately.

  • Enable Service Validity: Select this checkbox to set an expiry date for the main service. After this date, the guests have to book the prerequisite service and main service again. For example, Judy (guest) is booking a Botox procedure. The Botox procedure can remove wrinkles on her forehead. But this is a temporary solution that will last for just six to seven months. After this, Judy should book another consultation, and based on the results of the consultation, she can book the Botox procedure again.

10. Click Save.

You have successfully configured the prerequisites for a service.

11. Turn ON the setting Enable Pre-Requisites.

  • At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  • Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  • Go to the Online Booking tab.

  • Select the CX V3 template.

  • Expand the General section.

  • Turn on the Enable Pre-Requisites setting.

When a guest is booking a service that you have a prerequisite associated with, the CMA prompts the guest to also book the prerequisite as it is mandatory.

Things to Remember

  • If you assign more than one prerequisite service to a single main service, the guest must book all the prerequisites. The order of the prerequisite booking is based on the order you add the prerequisites in the Prerequisite tab.

  • If the guest history indicates that she has not taken any prerequisites earlier, the CMA prompts the guest to book the prerequisites. If the guest history indicates that she has taken the prerequisites earlier, the CMA will not prompt the guest to book the prerequisites again.
    Note: Enforce Prerequisites for this Service and Allow Prerequisites to be booked with the service should be enabled.

  • Booking a prerequisite service will require the guests to log in. This allows the CMA to check the guest history of the logged in user and suggest accordingly.

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