Gift cards allow guests to book services and pay for appointments by redeeming the gift card balance. This is an easier and more convenient way for the guests to make payments for their appointments.

Extending this convenience, Zenoti allows your guests to use their existing gift cards in lieu of making payments for appointments booked on the CMA. This means, guests can redeem the gift card balance directly from their mobile devices on the appointments booked through the CMA.

Things to Remember

  • The appointments should be booked via the Consumer Mobile App (CMA).

  • Zenoti Go and Self-pay should be enabled and configured.

  • Guests can redeem the gift card balance only for self-pay appointments.

To pay using a gift card

Your guest takes the following actions on the CMA.

  1. The guest checks-in for her self-pay appointment.
    The guest’s card is authorized as soon as she checks-in for her appointment.

  2. After the appointment is completed, the guest receives a notification to make a payment for the appointment.

  3. The guest taps the notification to open the self-pay screen.

  4. On the gift card section of the self-pay screen, the guest enters the gift card code and taps Apply.

The gift card is applied and the gift card balance is deducted from the appointment invoice.

For example, if the invoice is for $150.00 and the gift card has a balance of $100.00, after tapping Apply, the gift card balance ($100.00) is deducted from the invoice amount ($150.00) and the rest of the amount ($50.00) is charged to the guest’s saved card via self-pay.

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