Businesses such as medi-spas require guests to come in at regular intervals for their services and not deviate from the prescribed schedule of the service. For example, a botox treatment requires guests to take the botox shots once in every 2 months.

The time gap between every botox shot ensures recovery and healing. If guests book another botox appointment earlier than the prescribed schedule, it may be counter-productive. In addition, the current treatment may not give the desired results leading to poor guest satisfaction.

To avoid such instances, Zenoti allows you to define visit frequency for services that ensures your guests stick to the prescribed service schedule.

To define service visit frequency

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Resources > Services.

  3. Select the desired service for which you want to define the service frequency.

  4. Click the Catalog tab.

  5. Select the Enable Service Visit Frequency checkbox.

The Days text box appears.

5. Enter the number of days after which a repeat service can be booked.
For example, if you enter 21 days, it means that guests cannot book the
same service within 21 days of their treatment. This gap of 21 days is necessary
for recovery and best results.

6. Click Save.
You have successfully defined a visit frequency for this service.
Note: The service frequency is applicable only for bookings on Webstore and CMA.

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