This article will give you a walkthrough of how to use the Auto-Pay option to collect payments on Queue.

For CMA and queueing businesses, this enhanced feature provides a seamless checkout experience for the guests and helps the front desk accomplish touchless transactions.

To take payment using Auto Pay on Queue

1. Open Queue.

2. When a guest arrives for the service, change the status of the appointment to Check In.

3. The guest’s saved card is authorized at check-in.

💡 If the appointment started without a check-in, the Checkout with Autopay is available for guests enrolled in Autopay.

💡 If a guest enrolls for Auto Pay after creating an appointment and before the service starts, the front desk staff can tap Refresh to view the Autopay option.

4. When the service is over, tap Checkout with Autopay to collect the payment.

Scenario 1: If the guest changes their mind about the auto-payment method, the front desk staff can tap the POS icon to take payment manually.

Scenario 2: If the card fails to authorize at check-in, an error message appears, giving the option to Take Payment in-store.

The POS window opens, and you can process the payment manually.

5. At the top-right of the Queue screen, tap the Auto-pay icon to view the Pending and Failed auto-pay notifications.

Auto-pay is also available on the Appointment book and Zenoti Mobile.

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