Guests who regularly book services at your center, often have a preference when it comes to their choice of providers. This could be due to reasons such as being comfortable with a specific provider, the experience of the provider, or because the provider customizes the services according to the guest’s preferences. Whatever the reason, we find that 33% of guests who book online have a preference for a specific provider.

Keeping this in mind, Webstore allows you to prioritize the bookings of your guests with “Specific” providers over the bookings of guests with “Any” providers.

How does this work?

To better understand how this works, look at the following illustration:


Webstore will not prioritize “Specific” provider bookings, in the following scenarios:

  • Bookings with segmented services

  • Group bookings

  • Couple bookings

  • Appointments with payments or redemptions

  • Appointments with marketing campaigns and deals campaigns

  • Appointments with coupons

  • Appointments with marketing discounts

  • Optimization settings enabled by the center

  • Bookings made outside Webstore and CMA

  • Bookings managed by the Queue

  • Locked appointments

  • Locked addons

  • Appointments with predefined rooms and equipment

To prioritize specific therapist bookings

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon and navigate to Organization > Organizations.

  2. Click the Online Booking tab and click the CX V3 template.

  3. Scroll down and select the Prioritize Specific Provider Slots for Guests check box.

  4. Click Save.

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