When a guest profile is created in a center, that center becomes the base center of the guest and, usually only that center can send marketing communication to such guests.

In some franchisee-based businesses, guests do not belong to any specific center. Centers are allowed to market to any guest who has made a recent visit to their center.

For example, if Adam Smith is a guest from the Los Angeles center (base center), and he visited the Nevada center recently, then only the Nevada center is allowed to include Adam Smith in marketing emails/sms.

Zenoti supports this scenario with the Last Visit option under Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General tab > Include visited guests in target segments setting.

To include guests based on last visit

  1. Ensure you are at the organization level.

  2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations.
    The Edit Organization page appears.

3. Click the Settings tab.
The organization-level settings appear.

4. Expand the General section.
The settings in the General section appear.

5. Select the Include visited guests in target segments checkbox.
The options under this setting appear.

6. Select the Last visit option.

5. Click Save.

If you create an all-guests target segment, the campaign is sent to all guests who visited a center recently.

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