After you fill up your business details, you must enter store details. This will Zenoti Payments to capture important information such as Statement Descriptor and Store Address.

Enter the following details in this page:

  • Guest Statement Descriptor: Statement descriptors explain charges or payments on bank statements. Using clear and accurate statement descriptors can reduce chargebacks and disputes. Banks and card networks require the inclusion of certain types of information that help customers understand their statements, and statement descriptors provide this useful information. Enter your business Statement Descriptor in this field.
    Note: Zenoti recommends “Business Name - Center Name” as a format for statement descriptor. For example, if your business name is Spa Bliss and you have a center in New York, your statement descriptor will read Spa Bliss - New York.

  • Payout Descriptor: Payout descriptors explain payouts on your bank statement. This should be 5 - 15 characters and should not contain any special characters such as <,>,*,",'

  • Store Phone Number: Enter the phone number of your business.

  • Store Address: Enter the address of your store or center. If you have multiple stores or centers, you can enter your registered business address in this field.
    Note: If your business has a store number and if you want to update this information, you can add the Store Number along with house number in the field Enter House Number. Zenoti recommends you to use the following format:
    Format: "Building Number"-"Store Number". For example, if the building number is 3212, and if the store number is 1217, you will enter 3212-1217 in the Enter House Number field.

Click any one of the following:

  • Save: Click this to save all the store information

  • Finish Setup: Click this to complete the setup of Zenoti Payments.
    Note: You must return to the setup to add terminals and card readers.

  • Continue to Configuration: Click this to proceed with card reader setup.

Next Step:

Change Store Details

Zenoti allows you to change store details and Statement Descriptor after the verification process is complete.
Note: Businesses don't have to go through the KYC process again if they change the store details.

To change the store details:

  1. At the center level, click the Admin icon. Go to Payments > Settings.
    The New Payment Setup screen appears and displays Zenoti Payments as your payment processor.

  2. Click the drop-down arrow to view more options.

3. Click the Registered Details section.

In the Email field, your email address is auto-populated.

4. Click Sign In.
The verification code field appears and a verification code is sent to your
email address.

5. Enter the verification code.

The Registered Details appear.

6. For the Store Details click Edit.
Your existing Store Details appear.

7. Based on your requirement, you can change store details such as Store
Address, Store Phone Number and the Statement Descriptor.

8. Click Save.

You have successfully changed the store details.

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