Disclaimer: The restriction only applies to new discounts that are created after this release. For existing discounts, if businesses want to have the same restriction, they must ensure that they create new discounts and replace the existing ones. Read our help article.


When your business has multiple centers or franchisees, any user with the edit and delete permissions to discounts, can edit and delete discounts of any center or location.

To ensure that there are no inappropriate discount management, Zenoti enforces discount management only to the location where it is created.

So, if a discount is created in a center, users from only that center and zone-level and organization-level users can edit and delete the discount.

Moreover, if a discount is created at zone-level, only the zone-level and organization-level users can manage that discount.

Similarly, if a discount is created at the organization level, only the owners and organization-level administrators can manage those discounts.

Important: This restriction is enabled by default for all businesses.

Navigate to Marketing > Discounts.
The Manage Discounts page appears.

Depending on your view level: organization, zone, center, the page displays the discounts for the respective location only.

If you are at the organization level or zone level, you will see the following page:

You can see the Created In column that displays the location where a discount is created. It is auto-populated based on where a discount is created - you do not have the option to select the location.

To distinguish existing discounts from new discounts, Zenoti displays Legacy for all existing discounts under the Created In column.

If you are at the center level, you will see the following page:

In addition to the Created In column, you can also see the filter to view discounts based on the location where discounts are created.

If you select Center, you can view discounts created only at the current center.

What is a Legacy Discount?

Any discount that is created before Oct 28, 2020 release, is considered as a legacy discount, which is not categorized based on the location where it was created.

Important: For single-center businesses, any new discount will be created as a legacy discount.

Why I am unable to edit or delete a discount?

If the discount is created at a different location, you cannot edit or delete it from the current location. You have to navigate to the location where the discount was created and perform the desired action.

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