What is a Legacy Discount?

Any discount that is created before Oct 28, 2020 release, is considered as a legacy discount, which is not categorized based on the location where it was created.

Important: For single-center businesses, any discount will be created as a legacy discount.

How do I manage legacy discounts?

If you want to have the edit/delete restriction on legacy discounts, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Offers > Discounts.

If you are at the organization level or zone level, you will see the following page:

If you are at the center level, you will see the following page:

In addition to the Created In column, you can also see the filter to view discounts based on the location where discounts are created.

2. To view all legacy discounts, select Legacy from the filter.

3. For each legacy discount, create a new discount.

4. Replace the legacy discount with the newly created one for services, products, memberships, packages, campaigns, and coupons, wherever the legacy discount is associated.

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