Disclaimer: This article is only for the latest version of Zenoti Reports. Do not compare the data in this version with the data in the previous version.

This report shows the on-hand stock and the cost of goods based on the perpetual average costing method.

Note: You will see this report on the dashboard only if you have the Edit Lock (90 days) option enabled for your business.

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab and click Try the New Version.

The Reports Dashboard appears.

2. Search for and open the report.
The Current Stock report opens in a new tab.

3. Depending on the requirement, select the desired filters.
Note: You can view the report only for all the centers you have access to.

4. Click Refresh.
The report is generated based on the selected filters.

Buttons in the report

Filter Criteria

Filter Name




  • All

  • List of centers

View report for all centers of selected centers only.


List of all product categories

View report by a product category.

Product Type

  • All

  • Retail

  • Consumable

View report by the type of the product.

Stock Costing Method

  • Perpetual Average

View report by perpetual average costing method.


List of all vendors

View report by a vendor associated with the centers.

On-Hand Qty

  • All

  • Greater than 0

  • Less than 0

  • Equal to 0

View the report by stock level.


  • All

  • List of brands

View report data for all brands or for only the selected brands.

Stock as on

Select the date for which you want to view the report.

Column Descriptions

Column Name


Center Name

The center in which the product is active.

Product Code

The code that uniquely identifies the product.

Product Name

The name of the product.


The unit of measurement defined for the product.

Product Type

The type of the product: Retail or Consumable.

Note: If a product is marked as both retail and consumable, you will see two separate entries, one for retail and another for consumable.


The name of the vendor associated with this product.

Note: If there are multiple vendors associated, you will see Multiple in this column.

On-Hand Quantity

The total available quantity of this product.

Stock Cost

The cost of the available quantity of the product.

Note: This is calculated based on the costing method that you have selected while generating the report.


The total tax levied by the vendor on the purchase of the product.


The primary barcode associated with the product.


The category to which the product belongs.


Brand to which the product is associated.

Sub Category

The subcategory within the main category to which the product belongs.

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