Zenoti Payments is an integrated payment processing system that allows you to have an omnichannel presence.

The system supports a variety of payment types, including card swipes, dip transactions, contactless payment from Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and credit cards stored on file.

Zenoti Payments is supported in-store (Zenoti Web, Mobile POS), and online (Webstore and Consumer Mobile App). Zenoti Payments is a PCI Compliant payments system.

To configure Zenoti Payments

  1. If you are configuring Zenoti Payments at the organization level, from the organization level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.

  2. If you are configuring Zenoti Payments at the center level, from the center level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.

The New Payment Setup screen opens.
Recommended processors for your location appear. By default, the
recommended processor will be Zenoti Payments.

3. For Zenoti Payments, click Setup.
The Setup Zenoti Payments screen appears and prompts you to enter
your email address.

4. Enter your email address and click Sign In.

Zenoti will send you an email with a verification code to proceed. The Enter Verification Code screen appears.

5. Enter the verification code in the field and click Verify.
Zenoti validates the verification code and display rates for card
processing along with an agreement.

6. Read the agreement and to proceed, scroll down and select the “I accept
the Zenoti Payment rates and agree to terms and conditions “
checkbox and click Accept and Proceed.

7. Enter your Business Details and click Next.

8. Enter your Shareholder Details and click Save.

9. Enter Signatory Details and click Next.

10. Enter your Payout Bank Details and click Continue to Configure.

11. Enter Store Details.

12. Configure Payment Options.

13. Configure Transaction Types.

14. Add Terminals.

You have successfully configured your payment processor.

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