Your business may use products manufactured in-house or bought from vendors.

If you want to promote the purchase of these products, the best way is to offer a sample to your guests. The sample may also be a product related to the client’s treatment.

For example, if a g guest has a manicure, you could pop in a sample nail cuticle oil or a nail file.

The guests can try these samples before buying the products of higher value.

Your business does not generate any revenue when a sample is handed over to guests. However, your business does invest money in manufacturing or purchasing the samples.

So, it is imperative for the business to track and keep a record of the samples given to your guests. This allows you to avoid pilferages and also understand if there are samples frequently asked or rejected by guests.

In Zenoti, you can track free samples using one of the two ways:

  1. Maintain separate stock for testers: Procure or manufacture products specifically to use as sample or tester products.

  2. Use on-hand stock as testers: Use retail or consumables that you’ve purchased from vendors or from other centers as sample or tester products.

Track testers that are maintained separately

  1. Create a product and name it appropriately to indicate that it is a free sample.
    Let’s say that your business manufactures a sunscreen lotion in-house. Let’s say that your business manufactures a sunscreen lotion in-house. When you add this product in Zenoti, you can name the product as Sunscreen (Tester) or Sunscreen (Free Sample).

2. Create a new guest profile to which you want to give the free sample. This will help you track the number of testers that you have taken from your inventory.
Note: Each center can create a guest profile to manage testers at the center level.

3. Sell the tester in a separate invoice to this sample guest profile that you have created and apply a discount of 100%.

4. Create an always-on media campaign of 100% discount at the org level and make it available at all centers. Each center can then individually apply this campaign to all the invoices in which the testers are sold.
This ensures that there’s no revenue generated from such sales and the respective center is not liable to any tax.

Track testers that are taken from On-hand stock

  1. Create a sample guest profile from POS or appointment book.
    The front-desk staff can use the same profile every time the tester is taken out of inventory.

  2. Sell the product to the sample guest.

  3. Manually apply a discount of 100% on the invoice.

Important: When the front-desk staff applies a discount of 100% on an invoice, the sale is not counted in the employee payroll.

View history for testers

To know the details around the number of testers that you have taken out of our inventory to use as sample or tester, you can check one of the following:

  • Product transaction history - you can view this by clicking the product name in most of the screens in Zenoti Inventory

  • Guest profile - you can view the history in the Products tab in the tester guest profile.

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