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Apple Pay is one of the easiest methods to make payments on the web, in-store, and in-app. It is compatible with multiple devices and terminals and offers a safe way to make payments.

The Apple Pay ecosystem uses a host of Apple services to identify, validate, and authorize Apple Pay transactions. For example, it uses the data from Apple Maps to determine the name of the business that processes an Apple Pay transaction.

If your business name is not updated in Apple Maps, it may not appear or an incorrect business name may appear on the customer receipts and statements, which could lead to disputes.

Note: The incorrect business name appears because a nearby business has updated its name in Apple Maps, and Apple Pay picks up the nearest registered business name. To resolve such issues, Zenoti recommends you update your business name and address in Apple Maps.

This article lists the steps for the same.


To perform these steps, you must have an Apple ID. If you do not have an Apple ID, click here to create one.

To update your business name in Apple Maps

1. Open Apple Maps Connect.
The Apple Maps Connect homepage appears.

2. Click Sign In.

Note: You require an Apple ID to sign-in.

You will receive a verification code if you have enabled two-factor authentication.

3. Enter the verification code.

The Terms and Conditions pop-up appears.

4. Select the I have read and agree to these terms of use checkbox and click Agree.

The Maps Connect page appears.

5. Enter your Business Name, Location and click Search.

Apple returns with the result ‘Place was not found’.

6. To register your business, click Add new place.

7. Enter the following information:

  • Place Name: Enter the name of your business. This is important as the customer receipts and statements will carry this name with respect to the Apple Pay transactions.

  • Categories: Select the primary category of your business. For example, Medi-spa, Salon, Hair Studio.

  • Country/Region: Select your country.

  • Place Status: Select any one of the following:

  • Phone (Mandatory): Enter the store or center phone number.

  • Apple Pay: Select Accepted.

8. Click Next.

The phone verification pop-up appears.

9. Click any one of the following:

  • Verify Later

  • Cancel

  • Call me now

Note: You must complete the phone number verification for the information to be

updated in the Apple servers.

10. Enter the full business address.

11. Click Next.
The Maps screen appears.

12. Move the PIN to your building on the Apple Maps and click Next.

The store timings page appears.

13. Enter your center’s business timings.

14. Click Next.

The store web links page appears.

15. Enter the URLs of your social profiles.

16. Click Next.

The summary page appears.

You have successfully updated your business information in Apple Maps. This will ensure that your business name appears in customer statements and receipts.

Note: If the shopper statement on Apple Pay still appears with the incorrect details, please contact Zenoti at payments@zenoti.com and confirm that you have completed the steps above. Submit a screenshot of the incorrect shopper statement and share the transaction details.

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