Disclaimer: This article applies to businesses that are migrating to Zenoti Payments.



Before you start using Zenoti Payments, you must ensure the following details are in place.

  • You have all details of the saved cards of the current payment processor. You can do this in one of the following ways:
    a. Configure both the payment processors - current payment processor and
    Zenoti Payments, on Zenoti.
    b. Disable the current payment processor on Zenoti and enable all
    transaction types for Zenoti Payments.

For example, if you are migrating from Worldpay to Zenoti Payments, you must make Wordplay inactive.

In this article, you can learn how to save cards under Zenoti Payments and switch between the saved card of your previous payment processor and the saved card on Zenoti Payments.

This is imperative for membership based businesses as they rely on the saved card data for monthly membership transactions.

To save cards under Zenoti Payments

You can do one of the following to save cards on Zenoti Payments:

  • Collect a payment using a guest’s card on a terminal. This will automatically save the guest’s card.

  • Manually enter the guest’s card details in the guest profile.

To switch between saved cards

  1. Open the guest profile for whom you want to change the saved card on file.
    The guest profile opens.
    Under the General tab, you can see the saved cards for both the payment processors in the Payments Accounts section.

2. Click the Memberships tab.

The guest’s membership details appear.

3. Click the name of the membership to open the details page.

4. For the Default Payment Type field, you can see the current saved card
on file. This is the saved card of your previous payment processor.

5. Click Change.

The Change Payment Type dialog box appears.
This will display the saved cards of both, the previous processor and
Zenoti Payments.

6. Select the saved card of Zenoti Payments and click Update.

A warning message appears.

7. Click OK.
You have successfully updated the saved card on file for the guest.

All the future payments of the guest will be charged to the saved card on Zenoti Payments.

Note: If you don’t want to see the saved card for your earlier processor on the POS screen, disable the setting Allow saving cards on Web and Mobile POS in the payments settings section of the previous processor. The saved cards from the previous processor will continue to work for scheduled payments.

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