Disclaimer: The steps in this article are pertaining to the configuration on a third party (Facebook) site. Zenoti is not responsible if there are any changes to these steps or processes. The information is provided for your convenience.

Facebook Login is a fast and convenient way for people to create accounts and log in to your Webstore across multiple platforms and OS. Configure the Facebook login to allow your guests to log in to the Webstore using their Facebook credentials.

To set up Facebook Login for iOS

  1. Navigate to the URLhttps://developers.facebook.com
    Facebook will prompt you to log in.

  2. Log in using your Facebook credentials.
    The account is created and the Facebook for Developers home page opens.

3. On the Facebook for Developers homepage, hover on the My Apps option.
The Create App option appears.

4. Click Create App. Create a New App ID pop-up appears.

Enter the following information:

  • a. Display Name: Enter the name of the app. For example, Social Login. Note: The Display Name field should not contain the word “Facebook” (so as to adhere to Facebook policy).

  • Contact Email: Your Email ID will be auto-populated in this field.

5. Click Create App ID.
You will be requested to complete a reCAPTCHA form.
The Add a Product page appears.

6. Navigate to Settings > Basic.

The Basic settings page opens.

7. Make a note of the App ID and the App Secret ID. You must share the App ID and the App Secret ID with the Zenoti Support.

8. Scroll down and click Add Platform.

9. From the platform options, select iOS.

10. Enter the following information:

  • Bundle ID: Enter the Apple App Store bundle id. The Bundle ID is a tool for Apple to identify apps in the App Store.

  • iPhone Store ID: Enter the iPhone Store ID. Any application is hosted on the iTunes store or the Apple App Store carries a store id.

  • URL Scheme Suffix: Enter the URL scheme suffix in this field. This field is optional.

  • iPad Store ID: Enter the iPad Store ID. Any application that is hosted on the iTunes store or the Apple App Store carries a store id.

  • Shared Secret: Enter the iOS App Shared Secret key.

  • Single Sign-On: Turn ON the single sign-on for the app.

11. Click Save Changes.
You have now configured the Facebook social login for the Consumer Mobile App.

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