Disclaimer: The steps in this article are pertaining to the configuration on a third party (Google) site. Zenoti is not responsible if there are any changes to these steps or processes. The information is provided for your convenience.

You can allow your guests to log in to your Consumer Mobile App (CMA) with their Google credentials. This allows for a quick and seamless login experience.

But before you enable this feature for your CMA, you must generate a Google OAuth Client ID and Client Secret ID. In this article, you will see the steps to generate both these IDs.

To setup Google Login

  1. Navigate to the URL https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/android/start-integrating

  2. Scroll down and click Configure a Project.

3. If you have an existing project or an app created, select the app from the drop-down list. Otherwise, select +Create a New Project and click Next.

4. Enter the name of your product or app and click Next.

5. Select Android from the drop-down list of platforms and enter the following the information:

  • Package Name: The package name is a unique identifier to your Android app. On your application homepage, copy the highlighted portion of the URL. in the image below and paste it in the Package Name field.
    For example, if your application name is Spa Bliss, the URL will com.zenoti.spabliss. You must copy after the “=” symbol, till the end.

  • SHA-1 Signing Certificate: Copy and paste the following values in this field for a signed APK.

6. Click Create.

7. From You’re All Set pop up, copy the Client ID and Client Secret ID. You must share the Client ID and the Client Secret ID with Zenoti Support.

You have successfully configured the Google Login for Android devices.

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