If you have a customer who wants to pay for a service using service credits, but you cannot apply for the membership because you cannot see it on the POS page, this may be because the member’s service credits may be marked as expired. To enable the guest to use these service credits, you can extend the validity of the expired service credits.

Note: This is available only to the Owner, Manager, and Corp role.

To extend the validity of the service credits

1. Open the member’s Guest Profile.
To do this from Appointment Book, right-click the appointment, on the context card, click the View Guest History button.

This opens the Guest Details page.

2. Go to the Memberships tab.
Identify the membership with the expired service credits and click the membership name. These are usually memberships imported from the older system into Zenoti and can be identified by the ZSMB prefix in Invoice No, or it could be in recurring memberships with collections and balances in Zenoti. Depending on the number of invoices, you may have to navigate to the last page to find these memberships.

The Membership Activity page opens.

3. Check whether Redemption post expiry is allowed.

If it is allowed, continue to the next step.

If not

  1. Click Change.
    The Authorize Redemption dialog appears.

  2. Enter your credentials.

  3. Clock OK.

4. In the Service Balances section, expand the membership that has the expired credits.

5. Click the expiry date.
The Extend Benefit Expiry dialog box appears.

6. Set the new expiry date.

7. Click Save.

On the POS page, you can apply for the service credits from the membership to pay for the service.

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