If the member has unused service credits for a membership, these will be shown when the membership is applied. To apply the dollar value of the service credit, enter the number of credits to redeem in the QTY to Redeem column. Then click Apply.

Note: Zenoti will allow the partial redemption of a service (for example, a 120-minute massage) by using another credit (for example, a 60-min massage). However, you cannot split a credit. For example, you cannot use half a credit to pay for a service. If no redemption is possible using both these methods, and hybrid membership is enabled, then Zenoti allows you to apply the hybrid membership and use the dollar amount of the service credit.

When you apply service credits in the hybrid model, the order of applying redemption and payment is important.

The recommended order of payment types or redemption to be followed:

  1. Loyalty points (if any)

  2. Campaigns

  3. Membership (hybrid model) or Gift Card

  4. Custom, Cash, or Cheque payment

  5. Credit Card payments

This is because the payment that is applied first gets apportioned on the existing items on the invoice and leaves the due amount to be less than what you could have redeemed had you used redemption before card payment.

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