You can apply service credits of a newly purchased membership, to a service taken 2 or 3 days ago, by backdating the sale date of the membership.


  • If the membership is already redeemed you cannot backdate the sale date.

  • You must have the Manager role to change the sale date. Contact your Admin or Center owner for the permissions.

Example: Assume a guest has a monthly membership that is charged on 18th of every month. The guest requested you to apply the service credits on 16th. If the guest prefers to backdate instead of paying out of pocket then, follow these steps to backdate the membership payment date.

Step I - Change the Dates in the Membership Charge Invoice

  1. From the Client History page (Appointment Block > View Client/Guest History > Membership tab > Click Invoice No.).

  2. In the invoice, from the I want to menu, select Edit the Invoice.

  3. Change the Sale Date and Payment Date to the date of appointment.

  4. Click Save.
    A warning message appears that says ‘Changes will override existing invoice details. Do you want to continue?’ Click OK to continue. Close Date of the invoice is automatically updated to the Sale Date.

Step II - Apply the Service Credits to the Appointment

  1. Click the appointment block and select Take Payment from the menu.

In the invoice, service credits are auto-applied. If not then, apply the service credits manually to the invoice.

You can also sell and apply membership benefits in a single invoice, when appropriate settings are enabled.

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