Before you begin, ensure that you’ve created locations (tracking categories) in Xero.

To create tracking categories in Xero

  1. Login to your Xero account.

  2. Click your company name.
    For example, Spa Bliss.

3. Click Settings and then click Looking for advanced settings?

4. Click Tracking categories.

5. Click Add Tracking Category.

6. In the Tracking category name box, enter Locations.

7. In the Category options box, enter the center names.
Keep this information handy to map the category options as location names in Zenoti.

8. Click Save.
The tracking category is created.

To configure Xero with location details in Zenoti

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page.

    1. Organization level:

      1. Click the Admin icon.

      2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

      3. Click Integrations.

    2. Center level:

      1. Click the Admin icon.

      2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

      3. Click Integrations.

  2. Select Accounting.

  3. Expand the Configuration tab and navigate to the Account section.

  4. Turn on the Multi-Location switch.

5. Navigate to the Sync section and click Save.

6. Expand the Locations tab.

7. In the Mapped Location box, enter the category option that you’ve entered in Xero (step 8 of location creation in Xero).

8. Click Save.

9. Expand the Manual Sync tab.

10. Click Get to sync the locations.

11. Expand the Locations tab.
Verify that the POSAccounting Location is updated and the Active switch is enabled.

You’ve completed locations mapping for Xero.

Keep POSAccounting Location handy as you will need this while adding locations in POSAccounting.

To add locations in POSAccounting

Note: Ensure that you’ve completed mapping in the ----POSAccounting---- application.

  1. Expand the POSAccounting Mapping tab.

2. Click Setup Customer Account.
The POSAccounting page opens.

3. Navigate to Add Location.

4. Select Yes for multiple locations.

5. Enter the POSAccounting Location (Step 11 while configuring locations in Zenoti) as the Location id in POSAccounting.

6. Enter the category option (in Xero) as Location Account in POSAccounting.

Next Step

Select the sync type.

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