Note: Follow these steps if you’ve not created locations in your accounting platform.

  1. If you are not on the integration page, based on where you want to set up the integration, navigate to Admin > Organization menu > Organizations > Integrations tab or Admin > Organization menu > Centers > Integrations tab.

  2. Select Accounting.

  3. Expand the Configuration tab and navigate to the Account section.

  4. Turn off the Multi-Location switch.

5. Navigate to the Sync section Click Save.

6. While setting up the POSAccounting mapping, you must select No for multi- locations.

Important: Under the Locations tab, ensure that the Active switch is turned on for the required center (for center level) or centers (if you are at the organization level).

This is to let Zenoti know that data has to be synced for the selected centers.

You’ve completed the configuration.

Next Step

Select the sync type.

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