After you’ve completed configuring how data in Zenoti can be pushed to the accounting platform, you are ready to map data in Zenoti to data in the accounting platform.

Zenoti partners with POSAccounting to push data from Zenoti to the accounting platform.

  1. If you are not on the integration page, based on where you want to set up the integration, navigate to Admin > Organization menu > Organizations > Integrations tab or Admin > Organization menu > Centers > Integrations tab.

  2. Select Accounting.

  3. Expand the POSAccounting Mapping tab.

4. Click Setup Customer Account.
The POSAccounting window opens.

5. Select the business type as Salon.

6. Enter the default customer name and click Next.

4. Add the tax details.

If you’ve configured to push tax by group name, enter the tax group code in Tax id and click Next.

However, if you’ve configured to push tax by components, enter the tax component name in Tax id and click Next.

5. Currently, Zenoti does not post COGS data. You can ignore the Add Cogs section and enter any random values to continue.

6. To enable locations for your accounting platform, select locations, and enter the location details.

Read our help article on location mapping for Xero, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop.

7. Enter the default sales account for Service and Inventory item types.

8. Enter the Zenoti payment type in the Payment Id box and the corresponding payment account (for Xero and NetSuite) or payment method (for Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop) in the Payment Account box.

9. If you want to configure refunds, from the Miscellaneous tab, select Yes for refunds.

10. Click Finish.
You’ve mapped data as journal entries.

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