QuickBooks Online (QBO) is an online accounting software that allows you to track financials.

Zenoti's integration with QBO enables you to sync the financial data from Zenoti to your QBO account.

Before you begin to set up and authorize QBO, ensure that you have an account already created on QBO.

To set up your QuickBooks Online account details in Zenoti

  1. At the organization level:

    1. Click the Admin icon.

    2. Navigate to Organization > Organizations.

    3. Expand the Integrations tab.

  2. At the center level:

    1. Click the Admin icon.

    2. Navigate to Organization > Centers.

    3. Expand the Integrations tab.

  3. Select Accounting.

  4. Under the Configuration tab, expand the Provider section.

  5. Select QuickBooks Online as the accounting platform.

5. Click Continue.

The Configurations tab expands and you can see the fields relevant to QuickBooks Online.

6. Enter the following details:

  • Account Id: Enter an identifier for your business. This can be any random combination of numbers. Zenoti will use this id while creating a company for your business in POSAccounting (a third-party connector for accounting integrations in Zenoti).
    For example, 1234.

  • Account Name: Enter the company name of your business. You may use the same name that you’ve provided in QuickBooks.
    For example, Spa Bliss.

  • Enable QuickBooks Online: Select this switch to enable the integration for the online version of the accounting platform.
    If you want to pause the sync, you can turn off this switch.

  • Use Live Key: If you want to test the integration, turn off this switch. After you are ready to integrate data, you must turn on this switch.

To authorize Zenoti to access your QuickBooks Online account


Disclaimer: This tab will be visible only after you configure the invoice and sync settings in the Configuration tab.


  1. Expand the Authorize tab.

2. Click the Authorize button.
A new tab opens that will ask you to give access to your QuickBooks account to Zenoti.

Important: For some technical reasons, if the new tab does not open, you can see the authorization link in the Authorize section.

Copy and paste the authorization link in a new tab and press Enter.

3. If you have a single organization created for your business on QuickBooks, you will see the following window:

4. Click Connect.
Zenoti now has access to your QuickBooks account and you will see the following message.

5. To close the window, click Click here to close this window.

6. Turn on the Is Authorized switch.

7. Click Save.

Next Step

If you've created locations in QuickBooks Online, you must configure the location details. However, if you have not created locations in QuickBooks Online, you must follow these steps (configure without location details).

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