Disclaimer: This editor is now available to all businesses.

Keep these best practices handy as you use our new and simplified email editor.

  1. Avoid spammy content
    Email services include spam filters that check for a few things before moving an email to the spam folder.
    To ensure that your emails do not end up in Spam folders, keep the following pointers in mind:
    - Keep the email subject line crisp: Use the subject line to tell your guests what's in your email.
    Reach out to Zenoti Support to enable a different type of "send-as", which allows clients to reply to campaign emails.
    - Always include a Reply-To address: Make sure that you have an accurate address to which the guests can send their replies.
    - Email Content - what to avoid: Avoid using all capital letters, gimmicky words or phrases, and too many exclamation marks. Also, avoid unnecessary formatting such as bolding and underlining of text.

  2. Include unsubscribe links
    As an email marketer, you might be excited about every campaign you send to your guests. However, your guests may not always share your enthusiasm. Make sure that you add an unsubscribe link in your email to let guests choose to NOT receive any future emails.

    Zenoti automatically adds an unsubscribe link to every email. You can view the link when you test the email.

  3. Use only HTML code & CSS code
    If you are coding your own template, ensure that you separate HTML and CSS codes and then import the codes in the editor.

    Do not use Javascript. Our email editor and most other email services do not support Javascript.

  4. Preview and Test email content
    After you create the email content, be sure to preview the content on different devices, and send the email to a test email account. This helps you to identify the issues in your email and fix them before the email is sent to your guests.

    While you are testing content, do not forget to test links, if any. Ensure that there are no broken links.

  5. Build a clean subscribers list
    Do not send emails to all guests blindly. Ensure that the guests in your target segment have opted in to receive marketing emails.

  6. Track the performance of your campaign
    After you’ve sent your email and you want to know how it is performing, use our Campaigns Performance Dashboard. When you track a campaign, it gives you an idea of the kinds of content your subscribers respond to, based on which you can make decisions about future campaigns.

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