You can cancel or undo a payment waiver that you have given to a guest.

Note: Waivers can only be given on recurring memberships.

To cancel or undo a payment waiver

1. Open the guest’s profile page.

2. Go to the Memberships tab.

3. In the Membership column, click the membership for which you want to undo the waived payment.
The membership details page appears.

4. Click Waive Collections.
Note: This button doesn’t appear if there are no more future payments or if the membership is suspended, upgraded, or expired.
The Waive Collections dialog box appears.

5. To undo or cancel a waiver, in the Waive next box, enter a negative number.
For example, if you waived two payments for a guest and want to change it so that only one payment is waived, enter -1 in the box. Note that the Collections to be waived value at the top of the dialog box updates to show the total number of collections to be waived.

6. To save and close, click the close button on the top-right corner.

Note: The value in Collections to be waived cannot be a negative number. So you can only undo as many or less than the number of waivers you have given.

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