1. Where can I find new reports?
    You can navigate to the new reports from the existing reports dashboard by clicking the Try the new version of Reports link at the upper-right corner of the reports page.

  2. Can I switch back to the current version of the reports?
    Yes. You can anytime switch back to the current version of reports by clicking the Switch back to old version of Reports link (at the upper-right corner) on the new Reports dashboard.

  3. Is my data safe if I switch between the two versions of reports?
    Absolutely! We've ensured the data is safe and intact.

  4. Are the new reports available to all users and businesses? / How did I get to the new reports?
    Yes. The new reports are available to all businesses. The new reports do not need any additional settings to be enabled.

  5. Do I need any role permissions to access a report?
    In the new version of reports, we've ensured that users can view reports based on their jobs - NOT roles. So, by default, users can access the reports that their jobs require them to view.

  6. How different is the new version of reports?
    - We've used better accounting standards and improved on usability and accessibility of reports - you can access reports (organization-level and center- level) from a single placed based on your job.
    - You can mark reports as a favorite and learn more about a report with the in- context help for each report.
    - You can export reports.
    - You can email reports.
    - You can show/hide columns in each report.
    - You can create customized views and save for later reference.
    - You save the filter selections for each user independently, and much more.

  7. Is there now the ability to run reports for longer than 6-month increments?

  8. Why some of the reports are showing up as "Coming Soon"?
    We're still working on these reports and they will be available to all users and businesses in the subsequent releases.

  9. Did we improve on the speed at which reports are loaded? / Are the new reports up to the minute or is there a delay in the report? / Will the scroll button work so that we don’t have to download each report to view it? Also, will we be able to organize in order without downloading it into excel?

    Yes. The data in reports will load page by page. So, that boosts the speed at which a report is loaded.

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