You can use the card reader Ingenico Move 5000 as an alternative to the deprecated iWL250. The card reader Move 5000 supports the following payment methods:

  • Swipe

  • Chip and PIN

  • Contactless

The device comes with WiFi and 4G LTE connectivity, along with a touchscreen and a thermal printer.

Check the following image for a quick reference:

To add Move 5000 as a terminal in Zenoti

  1. If you are configuring the payment options at the organization-level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.

  2. If you are configuring the payment options at the center level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.

  3. Under Configured Payment Processors, you will see Payment Express (if you already have configured).

  4. Click the drop-down arrow to view more options and select Terminals.
    The Payment Express configuration screen appears.

5. Configure the following settings:

  • Terminal Name: Enter the name to identify the terminal. This name will reflect on the POS screen in Zenoti.

  • Station: Enter the serial number unique to the device. This is usually printed behind the device on a label.

  • Device Id: The device id is provided by your payment provider. This device id helps in the encryption of data and secures the data transfer. Enter an identifier for your device. This id can consist of up to 32 alphanumeric characters.

6. Click Add.
The terminal is added and appears in the list of terminals screen.

7. Click Save.
You have successfully added the Ingenico Move 5000 as a terminal in Zenoti.

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