Disclaimer: This is article is applicable for the new editor that was released in August 2020.


Before you start creating your first email with our enhanced email editor, you can check out the best practices for email marketing.

To design a campaign using the editor

  1. Click the Marketing icon and navigate to Campaigns > Email/Text Message.
    The Email/Text Message Campaigns page appears.

You can see that the Simplified Email Editor switch is turned on, which means that you are using the enhanced editor.

Important: To use this editor, each user must enable the switch.


2. Based on your requirement, click Add Scheduled Campaign or Add Always On Campaign.
The Create New Email/Text Message Scheduled Campaign page appears.

3. Enter the details in the Enter campaign info, Communication channel, Select campaign type, and Select recipients sections

4. Select the Create the content section.

5. Select a template layout.

6. Enter the subject for your message.

For better view of your editor, you can open the editor in fullscreen mode.

To do this, click Enable Full Screen.

To exit the full screen, you can do one of the following:

  • Click the x button on the upper-right corner of the screen.

  • Hit the Esc key on your keyboard.

  • Move your mouse to the top of the editor screen and you can see that the X button appears. Click the X button.

To learn about the editing area, read our help article: Enhanced Email Editor: Editing area.

7. Choose the general settings for the email from the Appearance tab .

8. Add blocks such as box, image, video, and social media link, buttons from the Content tab.

You can use the following editor options while you are customizing the content.

9. Test the email.

Enter a valid email address and click Send Test Mail.

Hooray! You are ready to publish the email.

You can track the performance of your campaign on the Marketing > Campaigns > Dashboard.

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