Disclaimer: From October 8th 2020, this feature is generally available (GA) for all businesses.

With the referral marketing feature of Zenoti, you can allow your guests to refer their friends or family. This is the fastest way to acquire new customers and you can capitalize on the positive feedback from your existing guests.

New guests who use these referrals receive discounts on products and services.


  • You must enable Referral Marketing for your business and configure the discounts and the rewards.

  • You must also configure the Referral Page on the Guest Profile, and the Landing Page for new guests on the Webstore.


Tabitha (existing guest) wants to refer her friend Kylie to your Skin Rejuvenation services, as she thinks Kylie can benefit from it.

Let us look at how Tabitha can refer Kylie and the steps involved.

Tabitha can do the referral in the following ways:

  • As soon as she opens the Webstore homepage

  • After she books an appointment

  • After she submits positive feedback on one of your services

  • Directly from her guest profile

Note: Guest login is mandatory to view the Referral Program page.

Give a Referral from the Webstore Homepage

The moment Tabitha opens the Webstore, on the home page, she can see a card asking her to refer her friends.

Tabitha is prompted to log in when she clicks the card. This will take her to the Referral Program page on her guest profile.

Give a Referral after You Book an Appointment

After every successful booking of an appointment on the Webstore, Tabitha and other guests like her can see the Referral card on the Appointment Confirmation page. She can click the card to move to the Referral Program page of her guest profile and proceed with the referral.

Give a Referral after You Submit a Feedback

The Referral Program card also appears after Tabitha submits a feedback on the Webstore. Clicking on the card takes her to the Referral Program page of her guest profile.

Give a Referral from Your Guest Profile

Tabitha can also navigate to her guest profile on the Webstore and do a referral from the Refer a Friend section.

Once Tabitha enters the Referral Program page on the Webstore, she will see the following:

Note: This page must be configured by your business and is available in the Referral Program section of the Webstore V2 template at the organization-level. You can customize the following elements:

Based on the business’s Referral Program configuration, Tabitha may see an auto-generated promo code and invitation link. She must share the promo code and invitation link with Kylie to refer her to your business’s services and products.

Steps to Redeem the Promo Code

The following steps are involved in the redemption process:

  1. Kylie clicks the invitation link.
    The Referral Program landing page appears.

Note: You must configure this landing page in the Referral Program section of the Webstore V2 template. Below is a sample landing page for representational purposes.

2. Kylie clicks Claim.

Note: Your business can configure the text label of the button.

The Webstore displays a sign-up form and the referral code is automatically copied to the form.

3. Kylie fills the sign-up form and books an appointment on the Webstore.

4. Tabitha is rewarded for her referral and a mail is sent out to her informing her about Kylie’s successful sign-up using her invite.

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