Before you Begin

Ensure you enable the catalog for the main service and the prerequisite service.

  1. At the organization-level, navigate to Admin > Resources > Services > <Service Name> > Catalog.

  2. Select the Show in the Webstore and Mobile App checkbox.


Mary (guest) wants to book an Anti-Dandruff Treatment for herself. The service Anti-Dandruff Treatment requires a consultation which evaluates the dryness of the scalp, type of scalp, and type of hair. So, in order to book the main service, Mary also needs to book the consultation service.

Let us take a look at the steps involved in booking the Ant- Dandruff Treatment and its Consultation service.

To book a prerequisite service

  1. Mary opens the Webstore by navigating to www.<org name>
    The Webstore opens.

  2. On the search bar, she enters “anti dandruff”.
    The Webstore displays the appropriate search results.

3. Mary selects “Anti Dandruff” with the Dandruff.
Consultation prerequisite service.
The Webstore prompts Mary to log in - if she has not logged in yet.

After the login, Webstore prompts Mary whether she wants to book the

consultation along with the main service.

Note: This is based on the setting “Allow Prerequisites to be Booked with
the Service”.

4. Mary clicks Book Prerequisite.

The Webstore adds both the main service and the prerequisite service to the appointment and displays the available time slots.

5. Mary selects a convenient date and time slot.
The booking summary appears.

6. Mary clicks Book Now.

The booking is confirmed and the booking confirmation screen appears.

Mary has successfully booked the Anti-Dandruff service along with its

prerequisite service “Dandruff Consultation”.

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