Disclaimer: This is article is applicable for the new editor that was released in August 2020.


Simplified Email Editor comes with a set of predefined templates that let you start building campaigns quickly.

You can either select a tab to look for a template in a category (basic, themed, and custom) or search for a template across all the categories.

  • Basic Layout: Build your campaign using the default templates that consist of basic elements and sections that you can customize to insert components such as sections, images, links, text, and buttons.

  • Themed Template: Use one of the pre-configured themes such as Thanks Giving, Promo Newsletter, Christmas, Black Friday, and Father’s Day.

  • Custom Templates: Use the campaign templates that you’ve designed and saved. You will find all your saved campaign templates here.

  • Import HTML Code: Import HTML content and to build your own design.
    Important: If you want to import code from an existing campaign in Zenoti, you must split the HTML and CSS codes and copy only the HTML code in the HTML section and CSS code in the CSS section.

Recommendation: For existing campaigns, if you cannot split the codes, then we strongly recommend that you redesign the campaign, which is much quicker and easier.

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