1. Is there an added fee to use the simplified editor? Does this cost extra money or is in included in our current subscription?

  2. Is there any impact on the existing campaigns?
    No. The existing campaigns will continue to run as usual as there's no impact on the existing campaigns.

  3. What is the main difference with the editor currently in the Zenoti ?
    The current professional editor in Zenoti gives a higher level of granular control; it is powerful enough to create web pages, not just emails. However, this leads to a much higher level of complexity and a much higher learning curve.

    The new editor is more intuitive and aligned with usability for the purposes of creating emails. Further, the new editor includes convenient email editing functionality such as social media bars, stock image libraries, and image editing.

  4. Are there the same macros available in the new email editor as the old one?
    Yes. You can find macros under Content > Blocks > Text > Merge tags list.

  5. Does Shopify leads get automatically get added to a campaign list? Currently, this happens with our Mailchimp subscription.
    If you integrate Shopify with Zenoti using APIs to bring leads onto the Zenoti Sales/Opportunity module, you will be able to target those leads using the Zenoti Marketing.

    Refer to our API documentation at - https://docs.zenoti.com/?version=latest

  6. We currently use Mailchimp. We have hundreds of email contacts and we email daily and we only pay some amount on a monthly basis. How much are we looking at paying Zenoti for the same use?
    Please contact Sales, Support or your CSM to help you with this.

  7. Do we have to have a marketing subscription or does our center subscription allows us to use this?
    Depending on your subscription level, you should already have access to use this, though you will need email credits in order to send emails.

    Please reach out to Zenoti Support.

  8. Can clients opt-out of receiving campaign emails?
    Yes. Using the marketing opt-out in the guest profile or the unsubscribe link in the emails, guests can opt-out of receiving marketing emails.

  9. How other businesses develop campaigns - at the center/location/store level or at the corporate level?
    Some businesses are creating templates and saving them at the corporate or district level. While others let stores create their own templates.

    Enhanced Email editor allows each user to create campaigns independently.

  10. Can each user choose editor elements such as Stripes, Blocks, and Images, independently?
    Each user has the ability to create these as they see fit.

  11. Does the email have to be corporate-approved before sending?
    No. Stores can design and send emails independently.

  12. For the social media icons options - how will this work if there is not a child page on each store? Does Zenoti provide this?
    The icons are in a library that anyone can choose. If a child page does not have a store, then they will need to link to the parent store. Otherwise, they can opt to not use the social media bar.

  13. Will clients be able to reply to campaign emails?
    By default, No.

    However, you can reach out to Zenoti Support to enable a different type of "send-as", which allows clients to reply to campaign emails.

  14. Is this editor only for marketing campaigns?
    Yes. This editor is currently only available for marketing campaigns.

  15. What are the video capabilities of the email editor?
    There is an option to include a video, in a block called Video.

  16. Can we insert gifs?
    Yes, .gif is a valid file format.

  17. What kind of edits can we do to images? Can we crop, lighten, change colours, and add filters?
    Yes. You can add a filter, text, shapes, stickers, or frame. You can also resize, crop, or transform an image and also add a colored background.

  18. Can we change the background of images?

  19. I am unable to send a campaign with a timer.
    The timer count has exceeded because of which you cannot send a campaign with a timer. Reach out to Zenoti Support.

  20. Will the enhanced email editor substitute smart marketing?
    No. Smart Marketing is a separate service, with different capabilities. This editor is simply an upgrade to the email content editor.

  21. When will the email campaigns be combined with text so that they can be sent simultaneously?
    You can consider to add a URL in the email and then link to that URL in the text message. This is on the roadmap.

  22. How does this integrate with the current Smart Marketing?
    Smart Marketing helps you determine how frequently your guests are receiving emails; it will not send an email to a guest that has been receiving emails too frequently.

  23. Can results be seen in analytics?
    To track your overreaching campaign results, use the Zenoti Marketing Dashboard (go to Marketing > Campaigns > Dashboard).

    You can also refer to the email marketing data source in Analytics.

  24. Can you resize images?
    Yes. Click on the image and modify the image by using the left info panel or tools.

  25. Will, there be a webinar for actual training within the new system?
    We already have in-context help within the editor and help articles on help.zenoti.com.

    We're also planning to have training materials produced at Zenoti University.

  26. My client's Zenoti accounts have the old/legacy email editor. Is this something that will change?
    Once the beta is over, all Zenoti Marketing users will be able to opt into this new editor.

  27. If we want to send out marketing mail earlier, is there a way to test or use this new application in some way?
    Yes. Use the Send Test Email option where you can specify a test email address.

  28. Can we upload a database? / If I have a database from a social media lead generation advert, can we upload this to email from Zenoti
    You can import templates if the HTML and CSS are done separately.

  29. Currently, it takes very long to segment the database, will this be speedy?
    We're working on this to improve the segmentation experience, including the performance.

  30. Is there an API that Zenoti can supply us with to get the leads from social media directly into opportunities?

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