Disclaimer: From October 8th, 2020, this feature is now generally available to all businesses.


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  1. Who are referer and referee?
    - Referer is an existing guest of your business.
    - Referee is the new guest to your business.

    Anita is an existing guest. She is pleased with the services you offer her. She refers her friend, Tina, to your business.

    Here, Anita (existing guest) is the referrer and Tina (new guest) is the referee.

  2. How do I enable a referral source for the reward program?
    If you are the owner, select the referral source at the organization level Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings > General > Referral Source For Referral Marketing.

  3. The referral program will be automatically set up in Zenoti?
    The program will be automatically enabled once we release this to everyone, However, there are configuration steps you need to set up to make sure it is right for your business.

  4. The referral program is not working if the referral details are added after the new guest profile is created.
    You must add a referral code during guest profile creation. If you have already created the guest profile without referral details, adding the referral code will neither award the referee nor the referrer. Moreover, ensure that the first invoice for the referee (new guest) is not closed before the guest profile is created.

  5. How to enable free service revenue for referral marketing?
    Enable the center level setting Manual discounts (Admin > Organization > Centers > Name of the center > Settings > Employee > Free Service Revenue includes).

  6. How is this integrated into the CRM system?
    There is minimal integration with the CRM, as the referral program bypasses that entirely. The instant someone books a service using a referral code, they will have a guest record created.

  7. How many referral programs can I set for my business?
    Currently, you can set up only one referral program for your business.
    Read our complete help article for the setup process.

  8. What are the possible rewards I can add?
    You can add discounts or pre-defined gift cards as reward to both referrer and the referee.

  9. How does award redemption work?
    - Discounts: A discount is considered as redeemed only after a guest avails the discount.
    - Gift Cards: A gift card is considered as redeemed as soon as it is awarded to a guest.

  10. What could be the financial impact when discounts and gift cards is rewarded to the referer and referee?

    • Discount: Referral Marketing: Discounts

    • Gift Card: As soon as the referral code is added to the invoice, the gift card amount is considered redeemed.

  11. Can I choose which centers the program is applicable to?

  12. What if I want to pause the reward program? Can I do that?

  13. What happens to the referral codes, if I turn off the reward program?
    The existing referral codes will not be valid for the rewards.

  14. If there is a referral type is enabled for the referral reward program, but the center does not want to offer discount or gift card and want this referral to work as a normal loyalty points reward system. Is this possible?
    Use the loyalty points program - the center does not need to set up the referral program.

  15. Will the Referral source on the referee profile appear automatically?

  16. Can I set a limit on the referrer awards?
    Yes. However, the referral code will be valid for new referrals.

  17. Where does the reward show up? If we only want the reward to be redeemed in-store how would that work?
    The reward is stored in the guest profile. Currently, there is no way to limit the redemption to be in-store. However, the reward is not granted to either party until the invoice of the new guest has been closed. So, the potential fraud is close to none.

  18. What is the name of the mobile app? How does it interact with Zenoti?
    The name of the mobile app is Zenoti CMA (Customer Mobile App). It is our white-labeled mobile app.
    To benefit from the full functionality of the reward program, ensure that you have CMA and Webstore V2 enabled for your business.
    Reach out to the Zenoti Support team to learn more.

  19. Does the coupon code have to be redeemed on the CMA and Webstore? Or is there a setting that could be turned off?
    The coupon code can be redeemed in person, on the phone, or on CMA / Webstore. Currently, we don't have a setting that can be turned off.

  20. What if the guests didn't book the service? Does the reward still show up under their profile?
    The award to the new guest doesn't exist unless it's used. The award for the referrer shows up under their guest profile in referral history.

  21. Can one of the rewards be a free service? Or, does it have to be a discount?
    Yes. You can set up a 100% discount for the specific service. Similarly, you can also set up product and package discounts.

  22. When a referee come in for an appointment, does the discount already reflect on their invoice?
    If a referee booked the appointment using the referral code, then the discount shows up on the invoice automatically.

  23. How will referral reward program interact with the Loyalty program feature?
    Currently, the referral program is independent of the existing loyalty point referral feature.

  24. How do I upload images to the Image Gallery and use them for referral program promotion in Webstore?

  25. How do I setup the referral program for my CMA?

  26. When my guests open CMA or Webstore on their mobile phones, the referral program card banner is hidden. What direction can I give them so that they can see it?

    When your guest accesses CMA or Webstore in a mobile device, depending upon the screen size of their device, the referral program card banner might get hidden. In such situations, to see the referral program card banner, tap the Show More button.

  27. My business does not use CMA or Webstore. How can I launch a referral reward program without these customer touchpoints?

    You can use the referral reward program even if you do not use CMA and Webstore. You can use email and text campaigns and Kiosks for referral marketing.

    • Campaigns

      To use campaigns for the referral program, in addition to the other macros, use the [GuestReferralCode] macro to insert the guest code of the referrer in a campaign. The referrer can then share this code with their friends and family.

    • Kiosk: When you set up the referral program at the organization level, you also need to ensure that the Referral Source checkbox (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings tab > expand Guests) is selected for the guest. This allows the guest using a kiosk to enter the referral code during sign up.

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