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Customers trust information more when it comes from friends and family. Word of mouth is the most successful, proven strategy to acquire new guests, with a high retention rate of 16%.

Zenoti's Referral Reward Program allows businesses to leverage this referral marketing strategy.

With a unified referral experience across all locations, businesses can award guests from POS and prompt guests at multiple touchpoints, such as CMA, Webstore, Kiosk.

How to set up the program?

What awards can be set up?

Invoice-level Discounts, Gift Cards, Service Discounts, Product Discounts, or Package Discounts.

Here's the complete list of FAQ that you might find helpful.

How to launch a successful referral program?

  • Offer a discount on a popular service to get customers.

  • Capitalize the right moments to ask for a referral, like after great feedback.

  • Create a buzz in-store, on the mobile app, on Webstore, through email campaigns, through SMS, and on social media.

  • Thank your referrers for getting new customers using automated thank you emails.

  • Track your growth with new customers using our reports.

We wish your business very good luck with referral marketing!

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