If you have saved audits that you have not submitted, on the Audit Inventory page, you will see just the store quantity (Qty in Stores) as the On-Hand Qty. However, on the Reconciliation page, you will see the total quantity (Qty in Store + Qty on Floor) as the Audited On-Hand Qty.

Caution: If you want to make any changes to product quantities, do not update them on the Audit Inventory page. After you submit the audit, the manager can update the quantities on the Reconciliation page.

If the store quantity is 20 and the floor quantity is10, the Audit screen will be as follows,

  • Before moving to the new model

Qty In Stores = 20

Qty On Floor = 10

  • After moving to the new model

On-Hand Qty = 20 (Qty In Stores)

The remaining 10 quantity is saved in the system but not displayed on the Audit page, which you can see on the Reconciliation page:

Audited On-Hand Qty = 30 (Qty In Stores + Qty On Floor)

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