Disclaimer: From October 8th, 2020, this feature is now generally available to all businesses.


Acquiring customers and increasing footfall is challenging for any business. One of the most cost-effective ways to do this is to encourage existing guests to bring new guests. So why not incentivize your loyal customers to recommend your services and accelerate your growth with referrals?

Zenoti Referral Reward Program allows you to award both referrer and referee.

Before you Begin

  1. Use an existing referral source or create a new one.

  2. Make the referral source active.

  3. If you are the owner, select the referral source at the organization level (Admin > Organizations > Organization > Settings > General).

Note: You can enable only one referral source for the reward program.

4. Click Save.

5. (Optional) If you want to enable free service revenue for the referral program, turn on the center level setting Manual discounts (Admin > Organization > Centers > Name of the center > Settings > Employee > Free Service Revenue includes).

To set up the referral reward program

  1. At the organization level, click the Admin icon.

  2. Navigate to Categories > Referrals.

  3. Search for and open the referral source for which the reward program is enabled.

The referral source opens for editing.

In the General tab, you can view the following additional fields:

  • Enable Referral Promotions: Indicates whether the referral source is enabled for the reward program.

  • Referral Code: A coupon code that can be used by the referee to avail the referral reward.

    Important: Referral code is generated one time per user and will not be updated as and when the first name is updated because there is a chance that the code might be in use or already used.

    When the guest books an appointment from Webstore or CMA, the code is visible to the guest. The guest can either apply the code while booking an appointment or provide it to the front-desk staff during payment.

    It is a combination of the following:
    - [FirstName] - The first name of the referrer.
    - [UniqueCode] - A unique random code auto-generated for each referrer.
    Important: This code appears on the guest profile on the Referral Code field.

4. Select the centers where the program will be active.

For the referral source, you can also see an additional tab, Promotions, to set up the rewards.

5. Select the Promotions tab.
The fields in the Promotions tab appear.

6. From the Configure referee Awards drop-down, select how you want to award the referee:

  • Discount: Select this to award the referee a discount.
    A list of active discounts appears.

    Select the discount that you want to link to the award program. You can link service, product, and even package discounts.

  • Predefined Gift Card: Select this option to award a predefined gift card to the referee.
    Important: The gift card CANNOT be redeemed on the first invoice. Moreover, the first invoice has to be closed for the gift cards to be redeemed on the second invoice.

7. From the Configure referrer Awards drop-down, select how you want to award the referrer:

  • Discount: Select this to award the referrer a discount.
    A list of active discounts appear.
    Select the discount that you want to link to the award program.

  • Predefined Gift Card: Select this option to award a predefined gift card to the referrer.

8. (Optional) Set the award limit for the referrer by selecting the Referrer award limit checkbox and enter the maximum number of times you want to award the referrer in the corresponding box.

Note: When you select this option, you are not limiting the referrer from referring guests, rather you are limiting the number of times the referrer can receive the award.

9. Click Save.

The reward program is saved for the referral source.

Next Steps

  1. Set up the Email Template & Campaigns
    - Email/Text Templates & Macros
    You can send automated thank you emails or texts to the referrer on each closed invoice that has referrer code.

    - Campaigns
    Create a buzz with campaigns for the referral program. For this, in addition to the other macros, you can use the [GuestReferralCode] macro to insert the guest code of referrer in a campaign.

2. Set up the Referral Reward Email/Text Notification

3. Set up for customer touchpoints
- Webstore: After you configure the Referral Program for your organization, you must also configure it to be available for your guests who book online. This directly allows your guests to refer their friends and family by sharing a Promo Code and an Invitation Link.

- CMA: You must configure the Referral Program section of the CMA template. Navigate to org-level, Admin > Organization > Organizations > Online Booking > CMA template > Referral Program. The settings in this template allow you to configure promotional headers, banners, texts, and images that appear for the Referral Program on the Consumer Mobile App (CMA).

- Kiosk: When you set up the referral program at the organization level, you also need to ensure that the Referral Source checkbox (Admin > Organization > Organizations > Settings tab > expand Guests) is selected for the guest. This allows the guest using a kiosk to enter the referral code during sign up.

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