Follow these steps to search for No-Show appointments and close their invoices by applying or waiving the No Show Fee:

  1. In Zenoti, select the required center.

  2. On the main menu, click the Appointment or Queue tab.
    The Appointment Book screen opens, displaying the appointments of the current date by default.
    Note: To search for No-Show appointments for a particular date in the past, use the calendar control in Appointment Book to select the required date.

  3. Click any blank space on Appointment Book.
    A context menu appears.

  4. Click Today's Sales.
    The Today's Sales dialog box appears, displaying the appointments of the selected date.

  5. Click the Status list box, and then select No show.
    The selected date's No-Show appointments appear.

  6. For the required No-Show appointment, click the Show link to view the invoice.
    The No Show Fee invoice opens.
    Note: For all No-Show appointments, Zenoti automatically creates an invoice to charge the No-Show fee from the guest.

  7. To charge the No-Show fee from the guest, click the Credit/Debit tab.
    Use the saved card details of the guest or use a new card to collect payment for the No-Show fee, and then click Close Invoice.

  8. To waive the No-Show fee for the guest, click the Campaign list box and then select No Show Waiver.
    Click the Apply Campaign icon, and then click Close Invoice.

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